The Beggar’s Opera

by John Gaydirected by Malcolm Brown
December 1990
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed The Beggar’s Opera in December 1990.

Production photos

These photographs were taken during the production.

Costume designs

The costumes for this production were designed by Malcolm Brown; some of the original drawings can be seen here.

Set designs

The set for this production was designed by Malcolm Brown; the original set model can be seen here.


The BeggarGeoffrey Hillyard
Mr Peachum, a “fence” and theif-takerEdwin Barraclough
Mrs Peachum, his wifeMonica Brown
Polly Peachum, their daughterGwyneth Hadley
Filch, their servantChris Hirst
Captain MacHeath, a highwaymanNeil Roberts
Members of Macheath’s gang
Matt of the MintDavid Mallinson
Ben BudgeChris McAdam
Jemmy TwitcherMartyn Drake
Crook-Fingered JackGeorge Westmoreland
Robin of BagshotMartin Key
Nimming NedGeorge Teale
Harry PaddingtonChris Hirst
DrawerChris McAdam
Ladies of the Town
Mrs CoaxerChristine Wilson
Dolly TrullKathryn Heneachon
Mrs VixenJune Stevenson
Betty DoxyJean Blundell
Jenny DiverMargaret Savage
Mrs SlammekinJoyce King
Suky TawdryDenise Forton
Molly BrazenShirley Hamer
Mr Lockit, Jailor of Newgate PrisonMartin Key
Lucy Lockit, his daughterShirley Hamer
Mrs Diana Trapes, a Tally-womanBetty Triggs
JailorsMartyn Drake
 George Westmoreland
MusiciansEric Brown
 Rachel Staples
 Richard Bacon

Backstage team

DirectorMalcolm Brown
Musical DirectorEric Brown
Stage ManagerTrevor Money
Set ConstructionLes Wormald
 George Westmoreland
 Geoffrey Hillyard
PropsDoreen Parker
ChoreographyJean Blundell
WardrobeMaggie Rhodes
LightingPeter Waddicor
Box OfficeMaggie Rhodes
 LAC Team
Front of HouseGeorge Barker

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Other productions

Leeds Arts Centre has also performed The Beggar’s Opera on other occasions, in 1982 and 1966 – more details of those productions can be found by following these links to their pages in this archive.