City Exchange

We have a rehearsal space on the second floor of City Exchange on Albion Street – around five minutes’ walk from the train station and about ten minutes from the bus station. Nearby car parks include Trinity Leeds on Swinegate, and Q-Park on Albion Street or Sovereign Square.

11 Albion Street

Access to the venue is through a side door, and not the main foyer – seen to the left of the grey wall in the image below. We will meet for events on Albion Street from fifteen minutes before the published start time, and go inside together in small groups.

When attending an event, please aim to arrive on time – if there is a chance that you may arrive late, we would suggest ensuring that you arrange a means of contacting one of the organisers. For ‘open’ events like readings, auditions and socials, contact details will be supplied in the announcement email. For rehearsals and other meetings, check with the director or event organiser in advance.

Our rehearsal space is on the second floor. On exiting the lift, go through the glass doors in front of you, then straight down the corridor. We’re in room 6 labelled “Leeds Arts Centre”, which is on the right-hand side, half-way down.