No Exit (Huis Clos)

by Jean-Paul Satre, translated from the French by Stuart Gilbertdirected by Carrieanne Vivianette
Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th May 2019
Upstairs @ The Carriageworks

Three people are enduring a terrible existence that we can only imagine.

Garcin, Inez and Estelle are strangers who find themselves impounded together after death as retribution for their sins in life. They are held captive in one room for eternity, abandoned in their own personal and vindictive hell.

Left with only each other, the incarcerated trio attempt to come to terms with their situation. Each of the three has the power to exacerbate or alleviate this hell.

Can they find resolution, or is there truly no exit?

Leeds Arts Centre will be performing No Exit (Huis Clos) in May 2019. Currently the production is still at the planning stage, but we’ll be putting more information up on this page as soon as we can. Auditions will be taking place in mid-February 2019, with a pre-audition reading scheduled for mid-January.

If you would be interested in being involved – either on or off stage – then please contact us for more information.

Booking tickets

Tickets for No Exit (Huis Clos) are not currently on sale, but will be available to purchase through the Carriageworks Box Office nearer to the production dates. Keep an eye on this site, or at, for details of availability.