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Leeds Arts Centre is a prestigious amateur theatre group which presents a wide variety of plays at the Carriageworks Theatre on Millennium Square in Leeds.

We offer opportunities to all who are interested in becoming involved with any aspect of drama, including acting, directing, stage management, props, designing, costumes, lighting, sound, publicity and front of house.

No Exit (Huis Clos)
by Jean-Paul Satre, translated from the French by Stuart Gilbertdirected by Carrieanne Vivianette
Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th May 2019
Upstairs @ The Carriageworks

Three people are enduring a terrible existence that we can only imagine.

Garcin, Inez and Estelle are strangers who find themselves impounded together after death as retribution for their sins in life. They are held captive in one room for eternity, abandoned in their own personal and vindictive hell.

Left with only each other, the incarcerated trio attempt to come to terms with their situation. Each of the three has the power to exacerbate or alleviate this hell.

Can they find resolution, or is there truly no exit?

Guild Awards ’18

The @LeedsCAN Guild Awards 2018 were on September 1st, and LAC had 11 nominations from our 2017-18 season – well done to our three winners, and to all of our nominees!

Best Female Supporting Performance (in a dramatic production)

Best Male Supporting Performance (Audrey Raynor trophy for a dramatic production)

Best Female Performance (in a dramatic production)

Commitment in a Non-Acting Role (Freda McHale trophy)

  • Jenny Carter & Zoë Freedman

Outstanding Service Award

  • Mary NelsonWinner

Best Visual Presentation (Sybil Jenkins trophy)

Best Play (Pearl Baxter Rose Bowl)

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