The White Devil

by John Websterdirected by Malcolm Brown
October 1972
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed The White Devil in October 1972.


Monticelso, a Cardinal; afterwards Pope Paul IVTony Nelson
Francisco de Medicis, Duke of Florence; afterwards disguised for a Moor under the name of MulinassarGraham Alchorne
Paulo Giordano Ursini, Duke of BrachianoEdwin Barraclough
Isabella, sister to Florence and wife to BrachianoPam Wilson
Giovanni, son to Isabella and BrachianoJames Stevenson
Camillo, kinsman to MonticelsoDennis Stevenson
Vittoria Corombona, a Venetian Lady; first married to Camillo, afterwards to BrachianoThelma Stoker
Flamineo, brother to Vittoria and secretary to BrachianoMartin Key
Marcello, brother to Vittoria and Flamineo, and an attendant of FlorenceJohn Armitage
Cornelia, mother to Vittoria, Flamineo and MarcelloMonica Brown
Lodovico, an Italian Count, but decayedChris Richmond
Gasparo, his friend and a Dependant of FlorenceGordon Wilson
The Cardinal of ArragonTrevor Money
Hortensio, one of Brachiano’s OfficersDennis Stevenson
Zanche, a Moor, servant to VittoriaPam Swift
Doctor JulioJack Clark
A ConjurorTrevor Money
A LawyerJack Clark
Matrona of the House of ConvertitesWyn Clark
OfficersGeoff Mountain
 David Marshall-Unitt
Ladies, Courtiers, Ambassadors, AttendantsBarbara Gilmour
 Betty Johnson
 Betty Triggs
 Wyn Clark
 Dennis Stevenson
 Trevor Money

Backstage team

DirectorMalcolm Brown
Set & Costume DesignMalcolm Brown
Stage ManagersAnne Robinson
 Geoff Mountain
LightingAlan Upton
Music and Sound EffectsAnita Mountain
 Christine Wilson
PromptJune Stevenson
CostumesMaggie Rhodes
 Anne Robinson
 LAC Team
PropertiesDoreen Parker
 Dorienne Wilkinson
Box OfficeHazel Irving
 Jo Davy
 John Pemberton
PublicityGordon Wilson
Front of House ManagerJoan Kent

Archive documents

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