Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowedirected by Malcolm Brown
December 1977
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed Doctor Faustus in December 1977.

Production photos

These photographs were taken during the production.

Costume designs

The costumes for this production were designed by Malcolm Brown; some of the original drawings can be seen here.

Set designs

The set for this production was designed by Malcolm Brown; an original drawing can be seen here.


A Religious Old Man, Neighbour to Doctor Faustus, acting as ChorusGordon Carlin
Good AngelGordon Carlin
Doctor John Faustus, of WittenbergRobin Polley
Wagner, a Student, his ServantStuart Mitchell
Valdes, a MagicianLen Sheldon
Cornelius, a MagicianChris Richmond
Two Scholars, Friends to FaustusRobin Clayton
 George Teale
Pope AdrianGordon Wilson
The Archbishop of RhiemsLen Sheldon
Charles V, Emperor of GermanyGeorge Teale
A KnightRobin Clayton
The Duke of VanholtGeoff Mountain
The Duchess of VanholtMonica Brown
RobinMike Eaves
DickGeoff Mountain
A Horse-CourserMike Eaves
A CarterGordon Wilson
Mephistophilis, Minister to LuciferTony Nelson
Evil AngelTony Nelson
Lucifer, Arch-Regent of all SpiritsLen Sheldon
Beelzebub, his Companion Prince in HellChris Richmond
The Seven Deadly Sins
PrideStuart Mitchell
CovetousnessGeorge Teale
EnvyMonica Brown
WrathRobin Clayton
GluttonyGordon Wilson
SlothGillian Thresh
LecheryChris Polley
Alexander the GreatChris Richmond
His ParamourChris Polley
HelenChris Polley
A DevilBetty Triggs
Friars, Courtiers, Ladies and DevilsMembers of the Cast

Backstage team

DirectorMalcolm Brown
Stage ManagerTrevor Money
Assistant Stage ManagerGeorge Westmoreland
PropertiesDoreen Parker
Back Stage StaffDennis Stevenson
 Peter Manning
Music and Sound ControlChristine Wilson
Sound RecordingSidney Irving
PromptAnne Robinson
Front of House ManagersJune Stevenson
 Dennis Stevenson
Set and Costume DesignMalcolm Brown
WardrobeAnne Robinson
 Maggie Rhodes
 LAC Team
PublicityGordon Wilson
 LAC Team
Box OfficeJohn Pemberton

Archive documents

The following documents from the production are in the LAC archive.

Download: Programme
(350 KBytes)

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