by William Shakespearedirected by Malcolm Brown
October 1989
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed Hamlet in October 1989.

Production photos

These photographs were taken during the production.

Costume designs

The costumes for this production were designed by Malcolm Brown; some of the original drawings can be seen here.

Set designs

The set for this production was designed by Malcolm Brown; the original set model can be seen here.


Ghost of Hamlet, lately King of DenmarkMartin Key
Claudius, his brother, now King of DenmarkMartin Key
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, widow of the late King and now wife of ClaudiusMonica Brown
Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet and GertrudeMichael Brooksbank
Polonius, the Lord ChamberlainGraham Alchorne
Laertes, son of PoloniusChris McAdam
Ophelia, daughter of PoloniusShirley Hamer
Horatio, friend of Prince HamletNeil Roberts
RosencrantzSimon Walton
GuildensternRichard Francis
OsricDavid Mallinson
FranciscoRichard Francis
BarnardoGeoffrey Hillyard
MarcellusMichael Blackburn
First Player / KingGeoffrey Hillyard
Second Player / QueenAmanda Benton
Third Player / LucianusMichael Blackburn
Fourth Player / PrologueGeorge Teale
Sailor, a PirateMichael Blackburn
GravediggerGordon Carlin
PriestGeorge Teale
Lady, attendant on GertrudeMargaret Savage

Backstage team

DirectorMalcolm Brown
Stage ManagerMartyn Drake
PropsDoreen Parker
PromptBetty Triggs
CostumesSam McAdam
 LAC Team
Fight ArrangerMartin Key
MusicEric Brown
Sound RecordingVic Clarkson
Sound OperatorStephen Smith
LightingPeter Waddicor
Box OfficeLAC Team
Front of HouseJoyce King

Archive documents

The following documents from the production are in the LAC archive.

Download: Programme
(4.8 MBytes)
Download: Newsletter
(50 KBytes)

Add to the archive

We’re always looking to add to our archive of past productions – if you have any other memories of Hamlet, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Other productions

Leeds Arts Centre has also performed Hamlet on another occasion, in 2019 – more details of that production can be found by following the link to its page in this archive.