by Terry Pratchett, adapted by Stephen Briggsdirected by Laurie Ball
March 1998
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed Mort in March 1998.


FootnoteShirley Broadbent
DeathChris Waites
MortAnthony Hutchinson
YsabellAlison Spankie
AlbertEddie Butler
Princess KeliMarlena O’Hara
CurtwellColin Lewisohn
Duke of Sto HelitGino Feliciello
King OlerveGeorge Barker
Agatean PrinceEdwin Barraclough
Agatean VizierPaul Banks
RincewindAdrian O’Reilly
Goodie HamstringJudith Unwin
Abbott LobsangPaul Banks
LezekAudrey Barker
Town CrierColin Martin
DoorknockerRachel Gilbey
LandlordEdwin Barraclough
Miss KeeblePam Wilson
“Seamstress”Joy Lindley
BursarLen Lumb
AssassinMarie Lindley
MaidJudith Butcher
High PriestGeorge Barker
AcolyteAudrey Barker
LibrarianGill Margrave
Other parts played byMary Martin
 Rachel Gilbey
 Sasha Bennett
 Jane Galloway
 Gino Feliciello
 Len Lumb
 Joy Lindley
 Audrey Barker
 Colin Martin
 James Everett
 Adrian O’Reilly
 Judith Butcher

Backstage team

DirectorLaurie Ball
Stage ManagerSue Elliott
Assistant Stage ManagersChaz Elliott
 Adam Elliott
 David Mallinson
 Mark Coward
PropsRachel Gilbey
 Heather Roberts
 Margaret Savage
PromptSarah Oldknow
CostumesMaggie Rhodes
 George Judd
 LAC Team
LightingSandy Clark
SoundDarren Wood
FliesBarry Unwin
 Sean Flannigan
Set DesignDenise Davies
 Jackie Ball
Set ConstructionGeorge Westmoreland
 George Teale
 David Mallinson
 Mark Coward
 Martyn Drake
ChoreographyJean Blundell
Production SecretaryCathy Ball
Box OfficeChristine Wilson
Front of HouseChristine Wilson

Archive documents

The following documents from the production are in the LAC archive.

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