by Patrick Hamiltondirected by Spike Marshall
November 2023
The Carriageworks Studio

Leeds Arts Centre performed Rope in November 2023.

Production photos

These photographs were taken during the production, and are displayed here courtesy of Mark Hillyer at True North UK. More of Mark’s photos of the production can be found in our Gallery.

Wyn Brandon and Charles Granillo
Mrs Debenham, Leila Arden and Kenneth Raglan
Sir Johnstone Kentley and Wyn Brandon
Charles Granillo, Mrs Debenham, Rupert Cadell and Leila Arden
Wyn Brandon and Sabot
Wyn Brandon
Rupert Cadell and Wyn Brandon
Charles Granillo and Wyn Brandon
Kenneth Raglan and Wyn Brandon
Sir Johnstone Kentley
Rupert Cadell
Kenneth Raglan, Leila Arden and Wyn Brandon
Rupert Cadell and Leila Arden
Wyn Brandon, Rupert Cadell and Charles Granillo
Charles Granillo

Costume designs

The costumes for this production were designed by Jay Lockwood; some of the original concept drawings can be seen here.

Wyn Brandon
Sir Johnstone Kentley
Rupert Cadell
Kenneth Raglan
Leila Arden
Charles Granillo

Set designs

The set for this production was designed by Lydia Edwards; some of the original concept drawings can be seen here.

Original Concepts and Ideas for the Set
The Set Design


Wyn BrandonLizzie Relins
Charles GranilloLeigh Dawson
SabotRyan Mehmi
Kenneth RaglanJacob Hartley
Leila ArdenFrancesca Butler
Sir Johnstone KentleyBen Hopwood
Mrs DebenhamKylie Hunt
Rupert CadellBrian Diamond

Backstage team

DirectorSpike Marshall
Assistant DirectorCamilla Asher
Production ManagerAddy Durrani
Stage ManagerBecca Millard
Assistant Stage ManagerBarry Blatt
Set ManagerEnya Lucas
Set DesignLydia Edwards
Set TeamEnya Lucas
 Hannah Staples
 Lydia Edwards
 Oisin Owens
 Steve Fryatt
Lighting DesignSpike Marshall
 Camilla Asher
 Lydia Edwards
Lighting OperationThe Carriageworks Team
Sound Design & TechnicianSteve Fryatt
Costume DesignJay Lockwood
Wardrobe TeamJay Lockwood
 Maria Kwater
 Maureen Willis
 Zöe Freedman
Properties TeamChelsea Issott
 Laura Marshall
 Richard Francis
Rehearsal PromptsAddy Durrani
 Barry Blatt
 Nicole Smith
Publicity ArtworkMitchell Perry
Publicity TeamCamilla Asher
 Barry Blatt
 Pam Wilson
 Spike Marshall
Publicity FilmmakerRon Wright
Publicity PhotographerMark Hillyer
Front of HouseAddy Durrani
 Moyo Adunola
 Rina Begum
 Shirley Broadbent
LAC MentorsCamilla Asher
 Pam Wilson
 Richard Francis
 Shirley Broadbent
 Zöe Freedman

Archive documents

The following documents from the production are in the LAC archive.

Download: Programme
(5.7 MBytes)
Download: Poster
(1.8 MBytes)
Download: Flyer
(394 KBytes)

Add to the archive

We’re always looking to add to our archive of past productions – if you have any other memories of Rope, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Other productions

Leeds Arts Centre has also performed Rope on another occasion, in 1951 – more details of that production can be found by following the link to its page in this archive.