The Duchess of Malfi

by John Websterdirected by Malcolm Brown
February 1984
The Civic Theatre

Leeds Arts Centre performed The Duchess of Malfi in February 1984.

Costume designs

The costumes for this production were designed by Malcolm Brown; some of the original drawings can be seen here.


The House of Aragon
The Cardinal, brother to Ferdinand and the DuchessEdwin Barraclough
Ferdinand, Duke of CalabriaDavid Mallinson
The Duchess of MalfiGwyneth Hadley
The Household of the Duchess
Antonia Bologna, StewardLes Wormald
Daniel de Bosola, appointed Provisor of HorseStuart Mitchell
Cariola, waiting womanDenise Swift
Children to the Duchess and AntonioClara Hadley
 Thomas Hadley
The Court
Delio, friend to AntonioDavid Jarrett
SilvioNick Money
CastruccioGeorge Teale
Julia, wife to Castruccio and mistress to the CardinalShirley Hamer
RodgerigoMartyn Drake
DoctorDennis Stevenson
Officers, Attendants, Madfolk, ExecutionersMonica Brown
 Julie Mitchell
 Jean Blundell
 Kathy Wormald
 Gillian Thresh
 Members of the Cast

Backstage team

DirectorMalcolm Brown
Stage ManagerGeorge Westmoreland
Assistant Stage ManagerDavid Scott
PropertiesDoreen Parker
PromptMiriam Fletcher
 Denise Forton
LightingLaurie Ball
SoundJill Dowse
MusicGillian Thresh
ChoreographyJean Blundell
CostumesJulie Mitchell
 Elsie Bell
Front of House ManagerChristine Wilson

Archive documents

The following documents from the production are in the LAC archive.

Download: Programme
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