Production Archive

Leeds Arts Centre has been producing four or five plays a year at the Carriageworks – and before that at the Leeds Civic Theatre – since 1945. This area of the site contains details of those productions, along with many photographs, programmes, publicity materials, set and costume designs.

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Productions from Unknown Years to 1949

Treasure Island

by Roger Williams • directed by Arthur Cox

November 1949 • The Civic Theatre • Leeds Children’s Theatre

The Shop at Sly Corner

by Edward Percy • directed by Ladley Pearson

October 1949 • The Civic Theatre

Village Wooing

by George Bernard Shaw • directed by Nora Kelly

August 1949

The Rose without a Thorn

by Clifford Bax • directed by Stanley Sykes

probably June 1949

The Blue Goose

by Peter Blackmore

April 1949 • The Civic Theatre

The Druid’s Rest

by Emlyn Williams • directed by Ladley Pearson

February 1949 • The Civic Theatre

View this production’s cast, crew and archive documents.

An Inspector Calls

by J. B. Priestley • directed by Pat Cheetham

September – October 1948 • The Civic Theatre

The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

June 1948

The Mask and The Face

by Chester Bailey Fernald • directed by Kathleen Worth

April 1948

Grand National Night

by Dorothy and Campbell Christie • directed by Stanley Sykes

February 1948 • The Civic Theatre

Musical Chairs

by Peter Bridge

probably October 1947

The Devil’s Disciple

by George Bernard Shaw

probably August 1947

The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare • directed by Michael Honan

June 1947

Dr. Knock

by Jules Romains, translated by Harley Granville-Barker

March 1947


by Aimeé and Philip Stuart • directed by Michael Honan

February – March 1947 • The Civic Theatre

Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare, • directed by Arthur E. Payne

November 1946 • The Civic Theatre

I Have Been Here Before

by J. B. Priestley

October 1946


by André Obey • directed by D.L. Shaw

October 1946 • The Civic Theatre

The Taming of the Shrew

by William Shakespeare

probably in or before August 1946

Bird in Hand

by John Drinkwater

probably in or before June 1946

The Philanderer

by George Bernard Shaw

probably in or before April 1946

The Inheritors

by Susan Glaspell

probably in or before January 1946


by Unknown

an unknown year